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Panel Overview

Thank you for your interest in the Riverside County Superior Court’s Civil Mediation Panel.

 Please note that the court is not considering new applications to the Civil Mediation Panel until further notice. 

For information on the court's mediation programs, click here.

Panel Qualifications

Although the court does not endorse particular mediators or its Civil Mediation Panel, the court is committed to making available to the public a core group of qualified mediators.

Panel membership is limited to experienced attorney-mediators with at least five (5) years of active California Bar membership. To review the Civil Mediation Panel Qualifications and Requirements Information Sheet click here.

For the Rules of Conduct for Mediators in Court-Connected Mediation Programs for Civil Cases, please see California Rules of Court 3.800 and 3.850 – 3.878.

Panel Services

Panel members provide mediation services for parties who were ordered to mediation pursuant to Local Rule, Title 3, Division 2, as well as for parties who voluntarily seek mediation.

Voluntary Mediation

Panel members may accept an unlimited number of voluntary mediations and may bill the parties at market or reduced rates without court involvement or contribution.

Court-Ordered Mediation

Panel members must take at least three (3) court-ordered mediations per year. Panelists may bill the court $150 per case for the first three (3) hours, including one hour of pre-mediation preparation time, and may bill the parties at market or reduced rates for additional time.

For more information on Compensation Policies, click here.


Questions about applying to the Civil Mediation Panel please send an email.

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