civil mediation For private Non-Panel Mediators

This site is for private mediators who accept court-ordered mediations, i.e., cases valued at under $50,000 that were ordered to mediation pursuant to Local Rule, Title 3, Division 2.

Compensation for Court-Ordered Mediations

Mediators who are not members of the Court’s Civil Mediation Panel may accept court-ordered mediations at their market rates. Parties in such cases are not entitled to 3 free hours of mediation services and the court provides no compensation to the mediator.

Required Forms for Court-Ordered Mediations

When private mediators accept a court-ordered mediation, the case remains “court-ordered” and parties and counsel are subject to the orders in the Notice of Court-Ordered Mediation. Parties are required to give their mediators a copy of this form, and mediators should read it carefully to assist the parties in complying with the order.

Mediators should especially note and calendar the Mediation Completion Date. Mediators have no authority to schedule a mediation after this date. If the parties need additional time, they must file and serve the mediator with the Stipulation and Order for Continuation of Court-Ordered Mediation Completion Date.

As described in the Order, private mediators must file two (2) simple forms. Your assistance will allow court staff to monitor and process these cases efficiently and is greatly appreciated by the court.

    1. Before the mediation: The Notice of Acceptance or Recusal gives formal notice to the parties and court that the mediator has accepted the case. If the court does not receive this form, the clerk assigns a Civil Mediation Panel member to the case.
    2. After the mediation completion date: The Statement of Agreement or Non Agreement is the mediator’s report to the court on the case status. This form notifies the court clerk to move the case to the next step, i.e., OSC re Dismissal; Trial Setting Conference; or OSC re Failure to Complete Mediation and Sanctions. This form must be submitted within 10 days after the mediation completion date. When the court does not timely receive this form, the clerk assumes that the mediation did not take place and schedules an OSC re Failure to Complete Mediation and Sanctions.

Information Sheets

For further information please email the ADR Director.

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