Judicial Arbitration For panel applicants

Thank you for your interest in serving the court as as a member of the Judicial Arbitration Panel.

Please note that the court is not considering new applications to the Judicial Arbitration Panel until further notice.

Panel Qualifications

Minimum Requirements Are:

  • An attorney in practice for at least ten years
  • Experience in the general civil cases eligible for judicial arbitration, click here for examples.
  • Familiar with local court practices
  • Have a solid legal reputation
  • Provide arbitrations in Riverside County
  • Accept $150 per case


Please complete the the Arbitrator Background Information Questionnaire online.

This form serves as both your application and your profile questionnaire to be posted on the court’s Judicial Arbitration Panel web page. Your application will be submitted to the ADR Committee for approval. Once your application is approved, your profile will be posted and your name will be placed on the arbitration panel for random selection.

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