Speakers' bureau

The judges of Riverside County have formed a Speakers Bureau to inform the community about the role of courts and the issues and needs of the community in court-related matters. As a community service, we can provide speakers for your meeting, event, or school.

The court formed the Speakers Bureau for two reasons: One, to increase public understanding and knowledge of the judicial system, and two, to provide a forum for judges and members of the community to discuss common concerns. The court faces unique challenges in this time of explosive population growth and we remain aware of the diverse needs of the community. Usually, we find that our speakers take away from a speaking engagement as much information as they have shared. This ongoing dialogue enables us to stay in touch with the people we serve.

Topics for Consideration:

  • Bails/Jails/Prison
  • How to Become a Judge
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Juvenile Issues
  • Drugs/Gangs
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Drunk Driving/Traffic
  • Role of the Judge
  • Civil/Small Claims
  • Jury Service
  • Family Law
  • Three Strikes
  • If you are interested in a presentation of this nature, please email marita.ford@riverside.courts.ca.gov

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