Electronic fax Filing (e-fax)

The e-Fax program allows court customers to deliver documents to the court via the internet.

The documents must be in Portable Document Format (PDF). The program will request information required to complete the ‘Facsimile Transmission Cover Sheet’ and allow court documents to be uploaded and transmitted to the court. The documents will be received at the court and processed as though they were delivered by fax.

The same fees, rules and procedures that apply to the Direct Fax Filing process apply to the e-Faxing process. Click here for instructions on the operation of the e-Fax program.

Important document considerations

It is very important that only non-editable .pdf documents be delivered to the court.

The e-Fax program will not allow an editable (fillable) .pdf to be delivered to the court. This requires some extra steps on the customer side to ensure that only non-editable documents are sent.

Click here for instructions concerning non-editable documents.

Electronic Fax Filing Program

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