Other California court jobs

County Job Exp. Date
San Francisco Assistant Probate Director 12.13.17
Kern Court Commissioner/Referee 12.15.17
Los Angeles Court Administrator II (Administrator II) 12.15.17
Los Angeles Senior Court Administrator (Senior Administrator) 12.15.17
Humboldt Court Supervisor 12.15.17
Orange Public Information Officer 12.17.17
Marin Bi-Lingual Spanish Court Processing Specialist III 12.22.17
Madera Court Division Supervisor 12.22.17
Santa Clara Accountant III 12.22.17
Contra Costa Information Technology Project Manager – Project 12.26.17
Merced Self-Help Attorney/Family Law Facilitator 12.27.17
Sacramento Operations Manager 12.27.17
Santa Cruz Court Interpreter 12.29.17
Merced Court Processing Clerk 12.28.17
San Benito Fiscal Manager 12.29.17
Tulare Assistant Court Executive Officer 12.29.17
Kern Court Executive Officer 01.01.18
San Francisco Court Staff Attorney II 01.04.18
San Francisco Court Interpreter (Mandarin/English, 620C) 01.09.18
Santa Cruz Courtroom Clerk 01.12.18
San Francisco Legal Research Attorney (Complex Litigation) 02.08.18
Los Angeles Court Reporter (Full-time, part-time 3/5 – 3 days per week, and daily as needed) Continuous
Los Angeles Senior Programmer Developer Continuous
San Diego Interpreter (Arabic Option) Continuous
Tulare Courtroom Clerk Continuous
San Bernardino Interpreter (Spanish) Continuous
San Bernardino Intermittent Interpreter Continuous
San Bernardino Pro-Tem Certified Court Reporter Continuous
San Bernardino Child Custody Recommending Counselor Continuous
Santa Clara Court Interpreter Continuous
Imperial Full Time, Part Time and/or Per Diem Court Interpreter Continuous
Kern Court Spanish Interpreter Continuous
Kern Court Reporter Continuous
San Luis Obispo Court Interpreter (Spanish) Continuous
Orange JAVA Architect Continuous
Stanislaus Research Attorney Open Until Filled
Mendocino Court Clerk II Open Until Filled
Tulare Court Interpreter Open Until Filled
Tulare IT Programmer Analyst Open Until Filled
Tulare Family Law Facilitator Open Until Filled
Merced Court Interpreter - Spanish Language Open Until Filled
Merced Court Systems Administrator Open Until Filled
Merced Court Technology Analyst II Open Until Filled
Kings Court Services Clerk Supervisor Open Until Filled
Kings Court Services Clerk Open Until Filled
Napa Extra Help Legal Research Attorney Open Until Filled
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