Other California court jobs

Santa Clara Chief Operations Officer 10.03.16
San Diego Accountant 10.04.16
Merced Child Custody Recommending Counselor - Part Time 10.04.16
San Bernardino American Sign Language Interpreter 10.06.16
Orange Financial Services Manager I 10.06.16
Sutter Information Technology Technician I 10.07.16
Monterey Court Reporter (Real-Time) 10.10.16
Santa Clara Management Analyst (Grants Unit) 10.11.16
Sacramento Supervising Courtroom Clerk - Juvenile Division 10.11.16
San Bernardino Internal Auditor 10.12.16
San Diego Sr. Accountant 10.13.16
Merced Court Collections Technician 10.13.16
Santa Cruz Certified Court Interpreters 10.14.16
Orange Accounting & Fiscal Services Director 10.16.16
San Bernardino Accountant 10.17.16
Tulare Courtroom Clerk Continuous
Kern Court Spanish Interpreter Continuous
San Bernardino Interpreter (Spanish) Continuous
San Bernardino Intermittent Interpreter Continuous
San Bernardino Pro-Tem Certified Court Reporter Continuous
Santa Clara Court Interpreter Continuous
Santa Clara Assistant Executive Officer Continuous
Los Angeles Court Reporter Continuous
San Joaquin Court Interpreter - Spanish Continuous
Tulare Court Compliance Analyst/Training Coordinator Open Until Filled
Merced Court Staff Attorney III Open Until Filled
Kings Court Services Clerk I Open Until Filled
Kings Child Custody Recommending Counselor Open Until Filled
Kings Court Interpreter - Spanish Open Until Filled
Tulare Court Interpreter Open Until Filled
San Francisco Certified Court Interpreter Open Until Filled
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