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This page contains a list of LOCAL downloadable forms that can be filled out online. You can find Judicial Council forms at the California Courts Web site.

Riverside Superior Court also has available form packets containing the needed forms for common filings. The form packets allow for information to be completed on-line and printed.

Protect Your Privacy. California Rule of Court 1.20(b) provides that a party can exclude or redact (remove) certain identifiers from documents or records filed with the court, such as social security numbers and financial account numbers.

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Forms marked with the asterisk (*) are adopted for mandatory use.
If you Chose to view this page in spanish, forms will translate to spanish. However the english version of the form must be submitted for filing.
Division Name Form# Date Rev

Direct Fax Filing Registration



All Facsimile Transmission Cover Sheet RI-MC005 08 /12
All Medical Examiner/Mental Health Expert Payment Voucher & Instructions RI-AD003 05/14
All Payment Voucher AD002A-B 12/13
All Petition to Proceed in Propria Persona OTS08 11/11

Pleading Paper

## ##
All Request for Records Search and/or Copies RI-MC002 06/14
All Request for Refund RI-MC006 07/14
Civil Affidavit of Identity and Order RI-CI029 10/14
Civil Amendment to Complaint RI-025 05/11
Civil Application for Judgment for Restitution of Premises Only * RI-601


Civil Application for Order for Publication of Summons or Citation and Order * RI-CI021 01/13
Civil Certificate of Counsel RI-030 08/13
Civil Declaration in Support of Issuance of Writ of Possession* RI-CI002 01/13
Civil Declaration Regarding Notice of Ex Parte Application RI-CI014 01/12
Civil Ex Parte Motion & Order Appointing Attorney for Defendant/Respondent RI-CI023 07/13
Civil Instructions for Sheriff RI-CI015 07/13
Civil Notice of Appeal of Limited Civil Unlawful Detainer RI-AP002 07/13
Civil Order Fixing Time for Hearing RI-015 02/12
Civil Order on Claim of Right to Possession RI-006 07/13
Civil Request to be Excused from Mandatory Electronic Filing Requirements and Order Thereon* RI-CI022 07/13
Civil Request to Restore Case to Active Status RI-CI024 07/13
Civil Stipulation and Order to Advance Trial Setting Conference RI-CI025 07/13

Stipulation to Allow Trial Judge to Conduct Settlement Conference

Attachment Page







Civil-ADR ADR Information Package * RI-ADR1A & 1B 01/12
Civil-ADR Arbitration Panel Questionnaire    
Civil-ADR Arbitrator Certification and Oath RI-ADR016 07/13
Civil-ADR Arbitrator's Fee Statement * RI-ADR08 09/14

Collections Mandatory Settlement Conference Statement
Collections Mandatory Settlement Conference Statement Worksheet Attachment


Civil-ADR Mediator's Fee Statement * RI-ADR07 09/14
Civil-ADR Mediator's Notice of Acceptance or Recusal to Court-Ordered Mediation * RI-ADR03 07/13
Civil-ADR Mediator's Record of Service * RI-ADR09 01/12
Civil-ADR Post Mediation Survey * RI-ADR11 01/12
Civil-ADR Proof of Service of Statement of Agreement/Nonagreement by Mail, Fax or Electronic Services RI-ADR12 07/13
Civil-ADR Response to Notice of Court - Ordered Mediation * RI-ADR02 07/13

Stipulation & Order for Continuance of Court - Ordered Mediation Completion Date *

RI-ADR05 07/13


Stipulation re: Fee for Ongoing Services for Court - Ordered Mediation RI-ADR04 01/12
Criminal Agreement for Own Recognizance Release RI-CR013 07/12
Criminal Agreement for Supervised Own Recognizance Release RI-CR027


Criminal Application for the Deposit of Real Property Equity in Lieu of Cash Bail & Declaration of Property Owner(s) RI-CR032 07/14
Criminal Certificate of Service (Ramey Warrant) RI-CR014 03/13
Criminal Consent for the Release of Confidential Information: Mental Health Court Referral RI-CR004 05/11
Criminal Criminal Protective Order - Domestic Violence RI-CR001 07/14
Criminal Declaration by Law Enforcement for Walk-Through Arrest Warrant and Order * RI-OTS47 04/11
Criminal Declaration in Support of Increased Bail * RI-CR009 10/11
Criminal Declaration re Felonious Source of Bail * RI-CR008 11/11
Criminal Deed of Full Reconveyance RI-CR037 07/14
Criminal Defendant Custody Information Sheet * RI-OTS42 07/09
Criminal Eligibility for Appointment of Counsel * RI-OTS17 07/03
Criminal Fax Arraignment * OTS09 04/11
Criminal Order: Justification RI-CR034 07/14
Criminal Order Pursuant to Penal Code 4011.6 - 1367.1 - Discharge Summary * RI-OTS04 03/11
Criminal Order to Seal & Destroy Arrest Records RI-OTS49 01/12
Criminal Order Withdrawing Lien on Real Property Posted as Bail RI-CR032B 07/14
Criminal Petition for Resentencing - Application *


Criminal Petition for Revocation - Supplemental Request and Orders RI-CR031 06/13
Criminal Petition to Seal & Destroy Arrest Record * RI-OTS48 05/11
Criminal Photocopy Request RI-CR006 08/11
Criminal Preliminary Assessment - Mental Health Court ## ##
Criminal Promissory Note RI-CR035 07/14
Criminal Request to Add Onto Calendar * RI-OTS01 03/10
Criminal Request for Continuance (Petition for Revocation of Community Supervision) * RI-CR011 04/13
Criminal Request for Continuance Pursuant to PC §1050 et.seq. * RI-CR010 01/12
Criminal Veteran's Court Program Referral RI-CR012 06/14
Criminal Waiver of Defendant's Personal Presence 977(c) PC * RI-CR005 12/11
Criminal/Traffic Order for Dismissal RI-CR003 06/11
Criminal/Traffic Petition for Dismissal RI-CR002 06/11
Family Law Addendum to Judgment RI-FL017 09/13
Family Law Agreement of Adoption of Adult * A804.1 05/11
Family Law Annual Declaration of Child Custody Evaluator Qualifications * RI-FL007 01/12
Family Law Application to Dispense with Petition (Alleged Paternity) A836 07/11
Family Law Application to Obtain Adoption Information & Order * RI-AD001 05/13
Family Law Attachment Page RI-FL037A 04/13
Family Law Certificate of No Appeal RI-FL018 06/14
Family Law Child Custody Evaluation Report RI-FL006 01/12
Family Law Citation (Abandonment) RI-A810 05/11
Family Law Citation (Adoption) * A821 03/11
Family Law Client Complaint RI-FL015 08/13
Family Law Confidential Contact Information RI-FL011 01/13
Family Law Consent of Spouse of Adopting Adult A804.2 03/11

Family Law

Consent of Spouse of Adult to be Adopted A804.3 05/11
Family Law Continuing Order of Garnishment 131.6 05/11
Family Law Declaration & Order Dispensing with Notice to Alleged Natural Father A818 05/11
Family Law Declaration & Order for Issuance of Abstract / Writ RI-F06 12/11
Family Law Declaration of Paternity A836A 03/11
Family Law Declaration of Residence * RI-FL036 01/13
Family Law Declaration Regarding Notice of a Request for Emergency Orders RI-FL004 02/14
Family Law Decree of Adoption (Adult) * RI-A831 01/14
Family Law Ex Parte Request & Order to Set Aside Default RI-FL002 09/11
Family Law Findings & Order of the Court A820 04/11
Family Law Joint Statement of Disputed and Undisputed Facts RI-FL020 01/14
Family Law Notice of Alleged Paternity A836B 07/11
Family Law Notice of Hearing re Petition to Determine Parental Rights RI-A817 05/11
Family Law Order for Freedom from Parental Custody & Control RI-A815 06/11
Family Law Petition for Adoption (Adult) * RI-A804 07/03
Family Law Petition for Freedom from Parental Custody & Control A809 06/11
Family Law Petition to Determine Parental Rights of Alleged Natural Father A816 03/11
Family Law Private Mediation - Post Mediation Survey * RI-ADR015 04/12
Family Law Provider Information Sheet * RI-FL013 01/13
Family Law Request for Settlement Conference and Trial RI-FL008 01/14
Family Law Request - Stipulation for Continuance of Hearing RI-FL306 06/14
Family Law Request to Appear by Telephone and Order * RI-FL679 01/14
Family Law Request to Dismiss Domestic Violence Restraining Order * RI-FL016 01/14
Family Law Request to Set Adoption Hearing * RI-A806 05/13
Family Law Request to Set Uncontested Matter * RI-F01 05/11
Family Law Settlement Conference Statement/Trial Brief RI-FL014 12/13
Family Law Spousal Partner Support Declaration RI-FL005 07/13
Family Law Stepparent Adoption (Consent to Adoption by Parent In or Outside of California Giving Custody to Husband or Wife or Domestic Partner of Other Parent) * AD2A2B State of California form
Family Law Stipulation & Advisement to Continue Mandatory Settlement Conference (MSC) Order RI-FL009 01/13
Family Law Stipulation & Order on Request for Order RI-FL037 04/13
Family Law Stipulation & Order on Request for Order
(for issues of custody, visitation, support and attorney fees)
RI-FL038 05/14
Family Law Stipulation re: Hearing Resolution RI-FL010 04/12
Family Law Supervised Visitation Provider Annual Declaration * RI-FL012 01/13
Family Law Trial Rules and Procedures * RI-FL035 01/14
Juvenile Final Notice to Parents and Step-Parents of Court Hearing to Determine Liability of Their Earnings RI-JV003 03/11
Juvenile Notice of Hearing (781 W&I Code) RI-JV013 03/11
Juvenile Parent / Guardian's Financial Statement and Notice RI-JV011 03/13
Juvenile Request for Hearing on Juvenile Restitution RI-J21 11/09
Juvenile Stipulation re: Post Permanency Planning Hearing & Order * RI-JV020 04/05
Probate-All Application of Attorney for Court Appointment in Probate *
RI-PR035 07/13
Probate-All Bid in Open Court on Sale of Real Property RI-PR008 07/13
Probate-All Certificate of Assignment (Probate) * RI-P29 07/13


Declaration of Diligent Search * RI-P08 07/14
Probate-All Objection RI-PR011 07/13
Probate-All Probate Verification RI-PR017 12/12
Probate-All Waiver of Accounting RI-PR056 01/15
Probate - Conservatorship Attachments 1h, 1i, 1j to JC Form GC-310 RI-PR059 01/15
Probate - Conservatorship Attachments 31, 32, & 33 to JC Form GC-340 / Attachments 3g & 3h to JC Form GC-350 RI-PR062 12/14
Probate - Conservatorship Attachment for Final Accounts RI-PR033A 12/12
Probate - Conservatorship Citation for Conservatorship (LPS) RI-PR057 08/14
Probate - Conservatorship Declaration in Support of Order Dispensing With Accounting RI-PR061 09/14
Probate - Conservatorship Declaration of Petitioner Regarding Conservatorship/Trust, Trust Accounts, Conservator as Trustee & Court Jurisdiction of Trust RI-P27 07/13
Probate - Conservatorship Declaration re: 24-Hour Telephonic Notice of Temporary Conservatorship RI-P32 07/13
Probate - Conservatorship Financial Document(s) Cover Sheet * RI-PR060 01/15
Probate - Conservatorship Order on Petition for Settlement of Account RI-PR034 08/13
Probate - Conservatorship Order Terminating Conservatorship RI-PR046 07/13
Probate-Conservatorship Petition for Settlement of Account RI-PR033 07/13
Probate-Conservatorship Petition for Termination of Conservatorship RI-PR045 07/13
Probate-Conservatorship Probate Investigator's Referral Report * RI-PR016 07/13
Probate-Conservatorship Record Check Request * RI-P26 07/13
Probate-Decedents-All Receipt for Will * RI-PR043 07/13
Probate-Decedents-Estate Administration First and Final Report of Personal Representative; Petition for Final Distribution and for Payment of Compensation RI-PR006 02/15
Probate-Decedents-Estate-Administration Notice to Department of Health Care Services RI-PR036 05/14
Probate-Decedents-Estate Administration Notice to Franchise Tax Board RI-PR038 07/13
Probate-Decedents-Estate Administration Notice to Public Entities RI-PR054 02/14
Probate-Decedents-Estate Administration Notice to Victim Compensation & Government Claims Board RI-PR039 02/15
Probate-Decedents-Estate Administration Order for Termination of Proceedings and Discharge RI-PR055 03/14
Probate-Decedents-Estate Administration Order Granting Report on Status of Administration RI-PR010 07/13
Probate-Decedents-Estate Administration Order on First and Final Report of Personal Representative RI-PR007 08/13
Probate-Decedents- Estate Administration Petition for Termination of Proceedings and Discharge RI-PR050 12/13
Probate-Decedents-Estate Administration Report of Status of Administration RI-PR009 07/13
Probate-Decedents-Estate Administration Will Contest and Objection to Probate
Attachment Page
Small Estate
Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property
(Not Filed with the Court)
RI-PR012 01/12
Probate-Guardianship Attachment for Final Accounts RI-PR033A 12/12
Probate - Guardiansip Confidential CoHabitant Screening Attachment RI-PR040 07/13
Probate-Guardianship Declaration in Support of Order Dispensing With Accounting RI-PR061 09/14
Probate-Guardianship Financial Document(s) Cover Sheet * RI-PR060 01/15
Probate-Guardianship Financial Statement & Notice (Probate) RI-P30 07/13
Probate-Guardianship Guardianship Investigation Packet * RI-P18 07/13
Probate-Guardianship Petition for Order re Deposit of Money Belonging to Minor RI-PR014 07/13
Probate-Guardianship Petition for Settlement of Account RI-PR033 07/13
Probate-Guardianship Petition for Visitation RI-PR037 07/13
Probate-Guardianship Order for Deposit of Money Belonging to a Minor RI-PR015 07/13
Probate-Guardianship Order on Petition for Settlement of Account RI-PR034 08/13
Probate-Guardianship Visitation Order
Additional Provisions Physical Custody Attachment
Child Abduction Prevention Order Attachment
Probate Supervised Visitation Order
Children's Holiday Schedule Attachment

Probate - LPS Conservatorships Attachment to Letters of Conservatorship RI-PR049 09/13
Probate - LPS Conservatorships Declaration of Treating Physician Regarding Capacity to Consent to or Refuse Antipsychotic Medication RI-PR052 02/14
Probate - LPS Conservatorships Order for Conservatorship (LPS) RI-PR047 07/14
Probate - LPS Conservatorships Order Regarding Capacity to Consent to or Refuse Antipsychotic Medication RI-PR053 05/14
Probate - LPS Conservatorships Petition Regarding Capacity to Consent to or Refuse Antipsychotic Medication RI-PR051 02/14
Probate - Miscellaneous Petition for Orders Concerning Power of Attorney RI-PR041 08/13
Probate-Miscellaneous Orders Concerning Power of Attorney RI-PR042 07/13
Probate-Trusts Attachment for Final Accounts RI-PR033A 12/12
Probate-Trusts Certificate of Trustee RI-PR048 08/13
Probate-Trusts Declaration in Support of Order Dispensing With Accounting RI-PR061 09/14
Probate-Trusts Financial Document(s) Cover Sheet * RI-PR060 01/15
Probate-Trusts Order on Petition for Settlement of Account RI-PR034 08/13
Probate-Trusts Petition for Settlement of Account RI-PR033 07/13
Probate-Trusts Trust Documents Cover Sheet RI-PR058 08/14
Small Claims Small Claims Declaration (CCP 170.6) RI-SC002 07/13
Small Claims Small Claims Declaration of Satisfaction of Judgment * RI-SC003 07/13
Small Claims Small Claims Declaration re: Default in Payments RI-SC001 07/13
Traffic Certificate of Correction RI-TR008 09/13
Traffic Defendant's Objection to Postponement of Traffic Court Trial * RI-TR003 07/13
Traffic Defendant's Request for Postponement of Traffic Court Trial * RI-TR01 12/09
Traffic Good Cause Declaration RI-TR011 06/13
Traffic Law Enforcement Officer's Request for Postponement of Traffic Court Trial * RI-TR002 08/13
Traffic Notice of Appeal (Parking) * RI-AP10 07/09
Traffic Notice of Appeal & Record of Oral Proceedings RI-AP001 01/12
Traffic Officer's Declaration RI-TR007 02/13
Traffic Proof of Insurance RI-TR009 06/13
Traffic Proof of Service (Parking Appeal) * RI-AP09 07/13
Traffic Request to Address Civil Assessment RI-OTS38 06/13
Traffic Request for Traffic School After Bail Forfeiture or Trial RI-TR005 08/13
Traffic Return of Notice to Officer of Traffic Court Trial Setting / Notice of Unavailability RI-TR006 08/13
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