Proof of corrections

If you have a correctable violation (as noted on your citation) and you are submitting proof of correction, you must send $25.00 for each corrected violation. Proof of correction may be obtained at any law enforcement office during normal business hours. Bring your citation to the law enforcement office so the officer can sign the back of your citation.

Proof of correction with payment may be mailed to the Payment Processing Center, 505 S. Buena Vista Room 201, Corona, CA 92882.

Make checks payable to “Riverside Superior Court”. Proof of correction with payment by credit card may also be submitted by fax at 951.777.3350. For information on how to fax file, click here.

Proof of correction will not be accepted after the case has been bail forfeited.

Lost Citations: If you’ve lost your citation, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Click here to download the Certificate of Correction form.
Step 2: To complete the form you will need information from your case. Click here to search court records.
Step 3: Follow instructions on the form.

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