Family Law - Private Mediation

Welcome to the Family Law Private Mediation page. The court encourages parties to avoid the expense, time, stress and hostilities of court proceedings by trying an informal dispute resolution process like private mediation.

In private mediation, a neutral mediator works with all parties to help them reach voluntary agreements that work for their particular situation.  

You may use private mediation

  • anytime before or after filing legal papers
  • to resolve all or part of your case, including child custody & visitation
  • with or without lawyers
  • instead of Child Custody Recommending Counseling Services (CCRC)
    (sometimes called 'Family Court Services' or family law mediation)


This web page does not apply to Child Custody Recommending Counseling (CCRC) or to Family Court Services “mediation” or “counseling” for child custody issues.

The CCRC contact numbers are:

  • Blythe - 760.393.2617
  • Hemet - 951.306.3561
  • Indio - 760.393.2617
  • Riverside - 951.777.3147
  • Southwest Justice Center - 951.704.7634

After selecting your language preference, select the Family Law option and then the CCRC/Mediation option.

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