Juvenile Blanket Orders

The Riverside Superior Juvenile Court issues blanket orders allowing various entities and individuals to access juvenile case files pursuant to California Welfare and Institutions Code sections 827.

Link to PDF: Title 10 - Administration / Table of Contents
Blanket Order No. File Date Blanket Order Title
1 06/02/15 JJCDPC Authorization to Inspect Juvenile Placement Facilities (pdf )
2 06/02/15 CASA Confidentiality and Access Juvenile Court Files and Proceedings (pdf )
3 06/02/15 DPSS Notification of Minor's Removal from Placement (pdf )
3A 04/05/16 Probation Notification of Minor’s Removal for Graduation from Placement (pdf )
4 06/02/15 Releasing Minors from Juvenile Hall for Health Care (pdf )
5 08/09/23 Order Granting Defense Investigators Access to Clients in Custodial Facilities (pdf )
6 06/09/16 Order re: Release of Education Records of Children Subject Juvenile Court Proceedings (pdf )
7 06/02/15 Waiver of Confidentiality for DPSS Children’s Services Division Data Match (pdf )
8 06/09/16 Protective Order re: Foster Focus Student Information System (pdf )
9 06/02/15 Mental Health Services Provided to Minors in Juvenile Hall and Access Mental Health Records (pdf )
10 06/02/15 Health Care Services Provided to Children in Foster Homes and Shelters (pdf )
11 06/02/15 Order Authorizing Travel Outside Riverside County (pdf )
12 06/02/15 Order re: Juvenile Warrants (pdf )
13 06/02/15 Order Authorizing DPSS to Disclose Criminal Background Information in Probate Guardianship Cases (pdf )
14 04/06/21 Order for Medical Providers to Disclose Medical Records to Riverside
County Social Workers and Probation Officers (pdf )
15 08/09/23 Confidentiality of Juvenile Records (pdf )
16 06/02/15 Serious Habitual Offenders Program Information Sharing (pdf )
17 06/02/15 Authorization for Wards to Participate in Independent Living Skills Trips and Activities (pdf )
18 06/02/15 Release of Minor’s and Parents’/Guardians’ Information to Victims for Restitution (pdf )
19 04/05/16 Order Releasing Minors from Probation Facilities in the Event of a Natural Disaster (pdf )
20 06/02/15 O.R. Release of Minors upon 18th Birthday Pending Juvenile Work Program
or Juvenile Hall (pdf )
21 06/02/15 Release of Minors from Riverside Juvenile Hall to Operation Safehouse (pdf )
22 06/02/15 Library Cards for Children in Foster Care (pdf )
23 10/02/18 Order Authorizing Disclosure of Information between CPS and the Family Law Court (pdf )
24 06/02/15 Release of Juvenile Court Records to Riverside County Mental Health Liaison (pdf )
25 06/22/17 Section 827 Hearing and Order Not Required for Specified Individuals to Inspect and Receive Copy of Juvenile Case File (pdf )
26 08/20/18 Release of Juvenile Court Records to Riverside County Office of Education (pdf )
27 08/20/18 Release of Juvenile Court Records to Public Health Nurses (pdf )
28 09/25/18 Release of Juvenile Court Records to Maximus (pdf )
30 09/28/18 Order Concerning Contact Visits Between Counsel and Detained Minors (pdf )
31 07/21/2021 Order Authorizing Disclosure of Info for Linkages Between Riv County DPSS and Self Sufficiency (pdf )
32 12/03/2021 Order for the Release and Exchange of Confidential Information County (pdf )
33 06/21/2022 Release of Juvenile Case File Records to Out of State Child Protective Services Divisions (pdf )