Traffic Frequently Asked Questions

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May I Get Insurance If I Don't Own a Car?

You are eligible for insurance if you are a licensed driver. Contact an insurance agent to determine what type of insurance coverage is available.

How Long Is an Out-Of-State Driver's License Effective and Does It Matter If I Am a Student or in the Military?

An out-of-state driver's license is valid until expiration or until you become a resident of California. Evidence of California residency includes the following:

  • Employment in the state
  • A California address where you are registered to vote
  • A California homeowner's tax exemption filing
  • Resident tuition payment at a California college or university

May I Appear in Court for a Relative?

You can provide the court with documentation, which informs the court as to why an appearance cannot be made. The court has discretion whether or not to accept the excuse and set a new date.

I Got a Ticket That Really Belongs to Someone Else. How Do I Clear It?

If you believe that you have received a citation or notice from the court in error because someone else used your name or other identification, you should personally go to the court with your photo identification and request to appear in court.

May I Get a License in Another State If My License Is Suspended in California and I Move out of State?

California and all other states participate in the” problem driver pointer system” (PDPS). When you apply for a driver’s license in another state, the system alerts them to any action against your driver’s license in other states. It is up to the state where you have applied to issue you one of its licenses. They may not issue you a license until the action is cleared. You must contact other states for specific rules pertaining to that state.

Am I Responsible for an Equipment Violation on a Car I Am Driving That Is Not Mine?

Yes, unless the ticket is issued in the name of the registered owner of the vehicle you are driving.

What If I Have Sold the Car That Was Cited for Equipment Violation or It Is Inoperable?

If you have sold the car or it has become inoperable, you must set a court date to appear and provide proof of sale or inoperability to clear the ticket. You should support your case with any relevant paperwork.