Jury Information
   COVID-19: Click here for information about the Court’s COVID-19 response for jurors.
    Effective January 5, 2022: Jury Trials Temporarily Suspended Through January 28, 2022
The court has suspended civil and criminal jury trials that are not in progess. Jurors summoned to report during this time should check their status online or via phone at 951-275-5076 or 760-342-6264. Jury trials already in progress will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. (See General Order 2022-9 (pdf ) for additional information.)

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Basic Information

Disqualifications / Excusals
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Americans with Disabilities

Information regarding services for persons with disabilities.

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Failure to Appear

Information regarding what to do if you have recieved a failure to appear for Jury Service.

Failure to Appear
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Frequently asked questions regarding jury service.