Interpreter request

Request / Cancellation for a court interpreter can now be submitted via e-mail for all mandated calendared hearings ONLY. In order to process your request please provide the following information via e-mail:

  • Date of calendared hearing/proceedings
  • Language needed/ordered
  • Person's name who needs/needed the interpreter
  • Party type (defendant, witness for people of the state/defense, minor, etc.)
  • Type of hearing (Criminal TRC, Preliminary Hearing, Domestic Violence Hearing, etc.)
  • Length of time the interpreter will be needed/was needed
  • Case number
  • Department number
  • Physical court location and address
  • Name and telephone number of the person requesting/cancelling an interpreter

  • Request a Court Interpreter

  • Note: Mandated hearings consist of all Criminal, Juvenile, and Family Law Domestic Violence related hearings, Elder Abuse, and Department of Child Support Cases.

    All requests/cacellations for an interpreter will be reviewed prior to approval. If you have any questions regarding your request please feel free to contact the interpreter coordinators for the:

  • Western Riverside Region at 951.955.5847
  • Mid-County Region at 951.304.5141
  • Eastern Riverside Region at 760.863.8022

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