Help with Filed Cases

How do I get ready for court?

Being Sued

  • Do I need to file an answer/response? - There is no response form in Small Claims. You do not need to file any papers prior to your hearing unless you think this is the wrong court for your case. You will bring all of your evidence with you to your hearing including witnesses, receipts, and pictures that support your case.
  • Sue the person who is suing you - If you have a claim against the plaintiff and the claim is appropriate for small claims, you may file a Defendant's Claim (SC-120)

How do I continue my hearing?

  • A plaintiff may reset their trial one time without a judge’s order if they need more time for service. To do this, they will file form Declaration (MC-030) with the court providing the request and reason for reason for reset
  • You may request the court to postpone your hearing. It will be up to the judicial officer's discretion to grant or deny this request


  • You can request the court to provide you with an interpreter. A court-provided interpreter may not be available. Alternatively, you may bring an adult who is not a witness or an attorney to interpret for you

ADA Accommodation

If you have a disability and need assistance, you may complete the form Request for Accommodations (MC-410).


  • Mediation is an opportunity to talk about your case and resolve it without a public trial. To schedule a mediation date before the day of hearing, you may contact the Community Action Partnership Riverside at 951-955-9389
  • There may be alternative ways to resolve your case. You can receive additional options through our Small Claims Triage Program

Court Forms

Order Copies

  • Online - Public Access System
  • By Mail
    • Complete a Request for Record Search and/or Copies with your credit card information or a check. The fees are explained on the form. Checks are made out to Riverside Superior Court
    • Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope
  • In person

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