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2024 Escheatment Claim Instructions and Forms:

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Information for Mediators & Arbitrators

Information About Applying to the Civil Mediation Panel

The Court is accepting applications to the Civil Mediation Panel at this time.

Panel Qualifications

Although the court does not endorse particular mediators or its Civil Mediation Panel, the court is committed to making available to the public a core group of qualified mediators.

Panel membership is limited to experienced attorney-mediators with at least five (5) years of active California Bar membership. Review the Civil Mediation Panel Qualifications and Requirements Information Sheet.

For the Rules of Conduct for Mediators in Court-Connected Mediation Programs for Civil Cases, please see California Rules of Court 3.800 Link to External Site: Judicial Council of California - Rule 3.800 and 3.850 – 3.878. Link to External Site: Judicial Council of California - Rules 3.850 - 3.878

Panel Services

Panel members provide mediation services for parties who were ordered to mediation pursuant to Local Rule, Title 3, Division 2, as well as for parties who voluntarily seek mediation.

Voluntary Mediation

Panel members may accept an unlimited number of voluntary mediations and may bill the parties at market or reduced rates without court involvement or contribution.

Court-Ordered Mediation

Panel members must take at least three (3) court-ordered mediations per year. Panelists may bill the court $150 per case for the first three (3) hours, including one hour of pre-mediation preparation time, and may bill the parties at market or reduced rates for additional time.

See more information on Compensation Policies below.


To update your profile submit your new contact information by completing the Vendor Master Change Request form. Once completed submit the Vendor Master Change Request form to the ADR Director.

The compensation of court-connected mediators for court-ordered mediations is required to be the same as for arbitrators in the judicial arbitration program and may be paid from funds allocated to pay those arbitrators. CCP §1775.8. That sum is $150 per case, paid from Trial Court Trust Funds.

These policies apply to all Court-Ordered Mediations conducted by a panel member, whether accepted based on court assignment or party stipulation.

Court-Ordered Mediation (Mandatory Court-Ordered Mediation per Local Rule, Title 3, Division 2):

a. Civil Mediation Panel Mediators may bill the court $150 for the first three (3) hours of mediation services. Mediators must use the Mediator’s Fee Statement.

b. Panel mediators may not charge any additional fees or costs for the first three (3) hours. 

c. After the third hour, Panel Mediators may bill the parties based on private fee arrangements pursuant to a written agreement signed before the mediation began.

d. Before starting a Court-Ordered Mediation, Panel Mediators and parties must agree, in writing, to any fees that the mediator will charge if the mediation continues beyond three (3) hours of mediation services.  An optional stipulation is available.

Voluntary Mediation

a. Panel mediators may make private fee arrangements with parties and lawyers.

b. Before starting a mediation, mediators must notify parties, in writing, of the mediator’s rates and any deposit, cancellation or other policies.

Policies for both Court-Ordered and Voluntary Mediation

  1. Panel mediators will be compensated directly by the parties, except for the first three (3) hours of Court-Ordered Mediation, as described above. Mediators will be responsible for the collection of fees. The court will not assist with collection or other fee dispute issues pertaining to mediation under the Civil Mediation Programs.

  2. The fees and expenses of the mediators must be shared equally by the parties, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

  3. Panel mediators must declare their individual hourly rates and any deposit or cancellation policies in their on-line Mediator Profile.

Compensation for Court-Order Mediation

Mediators who are not members of the Court’s Civil Mediation Panel may accept court-ordered mediations at their market rates. Parties in such cases are not entitled to 3 free hours of mediation services and the court provides no compensation to the mediator.

Time for Completion of Mediation

When private mediators accept a court-ordered mediation, mediators should especially note and calendar the Mediation Completion Date. Mediators have no authority to schedule a mediation after this date. If the parties need additional time, they must file and serve the mediator with the Stipulation and Order for Continuation of Court-Ordered Mediation Completion Date. If no such stipulation and order is sought and granted, the parties must complete mediation by the ordered date.

Required Forms for Court-Ordered Mediation

Private mediators are not required to file Court Ordered Mediation forms, as is required of Civil Mediation Panel Members.

Find Information About Judicial Arbitrators ...

The Court is accepting new applications to the Judicial Arbitration and Family Arbitration Panel at this time. 

Panel Qualifications

Minimum Requirements Are:


Please complete the the ADR Panel Application online.

This form serves as both your application and your profile questionnaire to be posted on the court’s Judicial Arbitration Panel web page. Your application will be submitted to the ADR Committee for approval. Once your application is approved, your profile will be posted and your name will be placed on the arbitration panel for random selection.