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Eliminating Bias at the Court

The Committee to Eliminate Bias and Promote Equal Justice (Committee) was formed by Presiding Judge John M. Monterosso in November of 2020 pursuant to Standard 10.20 of the California Rules of Court.

The Committee’s goal is to promote inclusion, recognize and eliminate explicit and implicit bias, and provide access to fair and equitable justice for all members of the community.

Committee's Mission Statement

The Riverside County Superior Court joins the California Supreme Court in condemning racism, historical biases, and discrimination in all forms. We recognize and accept that there is much work to do to ensure equality and inclusion are a reality for all. Therefore, we will strive to improve our communication between the Court, justice partners, and court users while identifying and confronting institutional racism, historical biases, and discrimination within the justice system and our community. We continue to evaluate and address our commitment to uphold our constitutional values to ensure equal justice to all who appear before us and the communities we serve.

Subcommittee Mission Statements

Outreach Subcommittee

Mission Statement:

The Outreach Subcommittee’s mission is to provide the legal community and the public with knowledge about the role of the courts, to provide accurate information about the judiciary and increase public trust by addressing historical and implicit bias through community activities.

Stakeholders' Subcommittee

Mission Statement:

The Stakeholders' Subcommittee engages and collaborates with local stakeholders to identify and address inequalities within the court system. The committee will meet regularly and discuss topics relating to equality and social justice in order to strengthen ties with the community.

Education Subcommittee

Mission Statement:

The Education Subcommittee strives to raise awareness amongst the judiciary, its justice partners, and the community on issues concerning the Court’s efforts toward elimination of bias, ensuring equal and equitable justice, fair access to the courts and inclusion. The subcommittee will implement educational workshops, forums, and promotional means to accomplish this goal as well as provide an understanding of individual experiences.

Press Release:

Riverside Superior Court Forms “Committee To Eliminate Bias and Promote Equal Justice”.

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