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Supervised Child Visitation - Information for Litigants

Categories of Supervised Visitation Providers

There are two categories of Supervised Child Visitation Providers: non-professional and professional.

Non-Professional Provider

The Non-Professional Provider is any person who is not paid for providing supervised child visitation services. Parties will usually ask a family member or friend to act as a nonprofessional provider. If you are going to ask a family member or friend to supervise the visits, remember that this person must:

Parties should read the Guide for the Non-Professional Provider of Supervised Visitation (external site pdf ). It will help you understand what the nonprofessional provider can and cannot do during your visit.

Also, before a family member or friend agrees to act as a supervised visitation provider, give the nonprofessional guide to the person you wish to supervise the visits so they can make an informed decision.

The court may require that the non-professional supervisor sign and file with the court a Declaration of Supervised Visitation Provider (Nonprofessional): FL-324(NP) Declaration of Supervised Visitation Provider (Non-Professional) (external site pdf ).

Professional Provider

The Professional Provider is any person paid for providing supervised child visitation services. Compensation arrangements must be made between the parties and the provider. Each calendar year and each time a report is submitted to the court, the professional provider shall provide the court with a FL-324(P) Declaration of Supervised Visitation Provider (Professional) (external site pdf ) which denotes they meet the requirements of a supervised visitation provider.

The Riverside Superior Court provides a list of professional supervised visitation monitors as a public service to our court users. The Riverside Superior Court does not recommend nor endorse any provider on the list.

Before you enter into an agreement with a supervised visitation provider, get his or her name and California driver’s license  or Per ID number call TrustLine at 1-800-822-8490. If the provider is cleared by TrustLine, it means that no disqualifying child abuse reports or disqualifying criminal convictions exist in California. You should call from time to time to see that the provider is still in good standing.

Supervised Visitation Resource List